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Press Release Regarding The European Parliament Report On Turkey , 11.02.2010

The report drafted by Ms. Ria Oomen-Ruijten, Member of European Parliament and Rapporteur on Turkey, which includes findings as regards the progress made by Turkey in the accession process in 2009, was approved on 10 February 2010 at the EP’s plenary session.

Assessments of the EU institutions regarding candidate countries, while drawing attention to the shortcomings expected to be overcome, should be drafted with an objective approach, conducive to furthering the process and encouraging the candidate country.

Although the official text has yet to be published, the report cites the process initiated with a view to expanding the space of rights and freedoms in our country, our active initiatives in foreign policy as well as our contributions to regional security.

However, the report essentially takes a one-sided stance, which may only affect negatively the accession process and includes points that do not correspond to the realities. These are not acceptable to us. While the expectations from Turkey are listed, it is interesting that the EU’s non-fulfilled commitments towards Turkey are not mentioned in the report.

The ongoing comprehensive negotiations in Cyprus and the constructive and solution oriented efforts of the Turkish Cypriot side are almost ignored. The realities regarding those who are responsible for the instigation of the Cyprus question are disregarded. This attitude, far from any sense of fairness, to say the least, has caused great disappointment. The function of the EP should neither be to act as the spokesperson of the Greek Cypriot side nor to meet all their unfounded allegations and demands.

We regret to see that in its first test in relation to Turkey during its new legislature, the EP is taken hostage by domestic political concerns. The documents and reports that are published by the EP will have a meaning for Turkey only if they are constructive and unbiased.

Despite these negative and obstructing efforts, with its acquis Turkey will continue to march towards EU membership with determination.