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Press Release Regarding The Terror Attacks In Nigeria , 08.07.2015

No: 197, 8 July 2015

More than 200 civilians including women and children lost their lives in the attacks carried out by the militants of Boko Haram terrorist organization in the north-east, north-west and central states of Nigeria in the last week. We vehemently and fiercely condemn and denounce these despicable attacks.

We wish God’s mercy upon those who lost their lives in the attack, convey our condolences to their families and wish a speedy recovery to those wounded.

These loathsome attacks launched in Ramadan which is a month of peace and tolerance have once again clearly revealed the ugly face of terrorism.

On this occasion, we once more reiterate our support to Nigeria and other countries in their fight against the terrorist organization and maintain our conviction that peace and tranquility will be restored in the region within the shortest time possible.